This is highly accurate and entertaining in most ways but the graphic on the top problems facing real Hells Kitchen is a bit off. It should be more like 85% of the problem is high rent. I worked on a campaign in the neighborhood years ago (and I still go there a ton). I don’t claim to have the expertise of a current resident of the neighborhood. But if there is ONE thing I know for sure about new york it’s that the cost of education is NOT skyrocketing. 


Because we have free fucking public education. It’s underfunded. 

Our schools are over crowded. There need to be new buildings. They need recess, art classes, more ESOL and less standardized tests. 

But the COST of education? What could that be referring to?

The cost of pre-school is an issue. In NYC we have FREE PRE-K (Thanks to groups like mine and to our Mayor Bill de Blasio) but that only starts when kids are 4 or 5 years old. We need pre-k for 3 year olds and yes the cost of that is too high. 

In conclusion: tax millionaires to fund education. Sign our petition to show your support.

And get ready for the essay I’m writing in a new ebook. It’s going to be about Hells Kitchen in the MCU. And it’s going to rock.


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