I love Phonogram so much and now that fact is on printed matter. I’m so excited that my review was excerpted on the back of The Immaterial Girl’s Trade Paperback– available in bookstores near you! 

Godbless @teatime-brutality for flagging me on this. He’s up there too saying deep stuff of course. 

Anyway, what I wrote is true: if you love music you need to read Phonogram. Even if you don’t love the music in Phonogram.

I reviewed issue 1 to tell you why you should read the series, I wrote a big thinkpiece on issue 2 and the series in general which I’m very proud of, I talked about breaking up with bands, depression and our protagonist’s personality crisis when covering issue 3 (which is a bit of a rambling post), I made a fanmix for issue 4 and then I opened up my guts covering the series conclusion, using Ziggy Stardust as an extended metaphor for Phonogram’s ending– ie The Immaterial Girl’s Rock and Roll Suicide.

ICYMI here’s the latest @graphicpolicy radio interview with Kieron Gillen. 

He’s the best comics writer of my generation. Possibly yours. How old are you anyway?

PS I think this is my first review to be published in a TP. Thank you @kierongillen



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