Did the Dornish gain any sort of special benefits after officially joining the realm aside from the Prince retaining his royal title?

Yes, although it’s a bit vague:

“Prince Maron had won a few concessions in the accord, and the lords of Dorne held significant rights and privileges that the other great houses did not—the right to keep their royal title first among them, but also the autonomy to maintain their own laws, the right to assess and gather the taxes due to the Iron Throne with only irregular oversight from the Red Keep, and other such matters.
Dissatisfaction at these concessions was one of the seeds from which the first Blackfyre Rebellion sprang, as was the belief that Dorne held too much influence over the king—for Daeron II brought many Dornishmen to his court, some of whom were granted offices of note.” (WOIAF)

We don’t know what the “other such matters” are,  but that’s what the Dornish got.


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