Who were the “She-Wolves of Winterfell”?



“a group of formidable Stark wives, widows, mothers, and grandmothers that I dubbed ‘the She-Wolves“

Based on the timeline, we can work out who most of them are:

  • Larra Royce, wife/widow of Lord Beron Stark, mother of Donnor, Willam, Artos, Berena, Alysanne, Errold, and Rodrik. 
  • Myriam Manderly, widow of Lord Rodwell Stark (Beron’s older brother), no issue.
  • Alys Karstark, widow of Lord Brandon, mother of Lord Beron and Lord Rodwell.

Those are the three I’m most sure about. However, we know the She-Wolves were five in total, so there’s room for two others, and there’s a bunch of possible candidates to fill those slots:

  • Arrana Stark, daughter of Edric and Serena Stark, wife to Osric Umber, who has kids AND/OR Aregelle Stark, daughter of Edric and Serena Stark, wife to Robart Cerwyn. Either or both would be an interesting pick, because they both have issue, and they represent competing succession claims: Edric Stark was the third son of Cregan, whereas Beron and Rodwell succeeded from Brandon, who was the youngest of Cregan’s sons; moreover, Serena Stark was the daughter of Rickon Stark, Cregan’s oldest son (and was married to Edric to reconcile the claims). So they could plausibly argue that their claim is better than that of Beron and Rodwell and their heirs.
  • Serena Stark, if she’s still around, would probably want her line to regan the lordship that was lost to them when Rickon’s daughters were passed over in favor of his half-brothers. (Which does sort of muddy the “In the north the children of a man’s body still come before his uncles, ser.“ thing from Jon IV of ADWD.)
  • Wylla Fenn, highborn mistress of Lord Brandon Stark and mother of Lonnel Snow, the last surviving son of Lord Brandon’s body. 

Am I forgetting any? This period of Stark history is tangled indeed. 

@racefortheironthrone *wiggles eyebrows* which ones are of an age with Dunk? 

The young Old Nan. 


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