Your post on the Northern Harvest Feast foods got me thinking. Have we ever seen mention of sugared foods in Westeros? I know widespread sugar consumption didn’t happen in IRL Europe until the 18th century, but I thought it was present during the IRL Middle Ages if you were rich and/or aristocratic.

It’s not that sugar was impossible to get – it was just difficult to get your hands on, because sugar beets didn’t exist yet and sugar cane didn’t grow in most of Europe, so it had to be imported and was thus rather expensive. 

(credit to Bless sins at Wikipedia)

By contrast, honey and fruits and nuts were plentiful, cheap, and right to hand, so it was a lot easier to sweeten dishes with those things than with imported sugar.

By the way, this is why European royalty were absolutely nuts for elaborate deserts made out of spun sugar and the like, because they were ostentatious displays of how ludicrously wealthy they were, that they could afford not just a bit of sugar but ALL THE SUGAR. 


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