When Fire & Blood drops (so excited!) will you do some updates to your essays on the ‘Handship’ & The Lab of politics? Are you going to do a semi-deep dive a la TWOIAF or a more comprehensive look a la you CBC reviews? I know this will sound obsequious and sycophantic and oleaginous and any other similar word you can think of, but I must say I am looking forward to your analysis as much as the book itself! And I speak for two close friends as well!

Great question!

So my initial plan is to do a chapter-by-chapter of Fire and Blood, although it’ll probably be in bullet point form similar to what I did with WOIAF. 

Then, I was planning to do an update on some of my essay series, similar to how I wrote a followup essay about “Hollow Crowns and Deadly Thrones” after WOIAF. 

At the moment, I don’t have any definite plans for which essay series to revisit: obviously, the “Hollow Crowns” series is most likely, but whether I’ll do the “Hands of the King” or “Laboratory of Politics” depends on what kind of material there is in Fire & Blood Volume 1. 


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