Stannis offered to legitimize Jon Snow, to make him Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. First, Stannis is a man of law how would he have dealt with the fact that Jon has already sworn the oath of the NW? Second, would the northern houses have followed Jon, they know him as the bastard son of the bastard son of their beloved Ned, would that though have been enough though? Third, Stannis is currently only a pretender, does he have the right to remove the stain of bastardy from Jon?

  1. According to GRRM, there is precedent for a king releasing someone from their vows to the Night’s Watch.
  2. The anti-Bolton faction in the North needs a Stark to rally around in order to create the legal and political conditions for survival. Ned Stark’s oldest son with a direwolf to prove his Starkness, a proven warrior who’s defended the North from the wildlings, with an army and a king backing his claim? That’s not a half bad pitch.
  3. Stannis doesn’t think he’s a pretender, but the king by right. As to whether his decrees will be accepted, it depends on who recognizes him as king. 

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