Since Jorah was annointed by the High Septon himself, are we sure he didn’t convert to the Faith (at least superficially) to be knighted?

So here’s the thing: Illyrio says that Jorah was anointed by the High Septon. However, Jorah says in ACOK Dany I that he got his knighthood for storming the breach at Pyke, and the WOIAF app confirms that Robert knighted him.

There’s a coujple Watsonian explanation: Jorah might have been anointed in a victory celebration later but didn’t convert, or Illyrio’s making shit up b/c he wants Dany to trust Jorah so that Jorah can be his man on the insdie once Dany leaves for Vaes Dothrak.

The Doylist explanation: early installment weirdness on GRRM’s part. 

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