Regarding Proposal 3, wouldn’t 8 year term limits weaken community boards by stripping them of their most seasoned members, replacing them with novices more susceptible to specialized groups like lobbies? I don’t think board members need the same limits as the President of the United States.

Here’s the thing. There’s a reason why Proposal 3 combines term limits with a new requirement that “Borough Presidents…seek out persons of diverse backgrounds in making appointments to community boards.” 

Right now, NYC Community Board members aren’t very representative – they’re older, whiter, and wealthier than the communities they serve. And while lifetime terms might give them some independence, they’re still patronage appointments and tend to go to people who are tight with the Borough Presidents. 

Novices might be more open to lobbies, but they’d also be more open to new voices from communities which have changed dramatically over the last few decades. 


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