Show question here. In BotB the consensus seems to be something like “Jon’s tactics were dumb & lost the battle and Sansa had to bail him out”. I disagree. Jon did the best with the resources he had at his command and it was Sansa who nearly lost it by withholding game-changing info that cost countless northern lives. Had John knew about the vale forces his game plan would’ve been vastly different. Sansa seems to get a pass from the fandom on this. Your thoughts? Thanks!



I think both are true, although I would lean less towards Jon’s tactics being dumb and more that he didn’t actually use any because he went charging off on his own and spent the entire battle as a mere foot soldier. 

If I might add something here, the underlying problem with the decisions of both characters is the show’s persistent attitude of “noble = stupid.” Jon and Sansa both got hit with this in different ways – Sansa in being arbitrarily untrusting and needlessly manipulative, Jon in doing…what Jon did.

I second the motion. 


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