Regarding Sansa and Bronze Yohn, how do you suppose she would go about proving she is who she is? Also, how do you think that will play out in the future? Will Littlefinger still be alive then?



I – and I think @poorquentyn? – think that it’ll be done in a parallel to Catelyn calling on the sworn swords of the Riverlands to aid her at the Inn at the Crossroads, with Sansa showing a level of understanding of both the heraldry of the Vale and of Winterfell and Sansa’s life that Alayne wouldn’t have. 

Yes, I think Littlefinger will be there, because I think she’ll use that opportunity to denounce Littlefinger. 

Agreed wholeheartedly, though credit belongs to @liesandarbor.

Apologies to @liesandarbor for the misremembering; it’s a great theory and you deserve all the credit for it.


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