What do you think is Dalbridge’s backstory? Which king did he squire for? How come he was never knighted despite his obvious martial skills ? And how did he end up at the wall?

Dalbridge squired for Jaehaerys II, and he probably wasn’t knighted because Jaehaerys II died unexpectedly. Like Ser Hugh of the Vale, Dalbridge wasn’t of a family sufficiently ennobled to merit a last name; unlike King Robert, who honored Jon Arryn’s memory by knighting his squire, Aerys II was rather keen to replace his father’s favorites and didn’t feel beholden to a young squire of no family of significance.

And, I would guess, unlike Ser Hugh who had Littlefinger’s gold to pay for a suit of armor, a horse, and the other necessary equipment of knighthood, Dalbridge didn’t have the money to become a knight

As to how he ended up at the Wall, I don’t know. It could be that he remained in King’s Landing and was sent to the Wall for being a Targaryen loyalist by Tywin Lannister along with Aliser Thorne; it could be that without any other means of income, he turned to banditry or some other criminal pastime to keep body and soul together; it could be that he went of his own volition, because the Night’s Watch offers room, board, and clothing to anyone who joins. 


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