Er, for curiosity’s sake re: the Punisher (I haven’t been keeping abreast of much in that quarter of the fandom)….what is the one sentence?





One of the Punisher’s bullets hits an innocent bystander. 

Netflix lost me forever on the character when he explained to Karen Page that when he fired into a crowd of people in a hospital, they were never in any danger because as a trained military man, he could ensure that no bullet went astray.  Like, not only is this guy a psychopath, he – or rather, the people writing him – don’t even have the courage to admit it, and instead resort to absurd fictions.

Yep. Which was especially nonsensical, because in the hospital scene, the Punisher is clearly using a shotgun. 

That’s not really any more of an argument against the Punisher than it is against literally any other superhero, though.

Most superheroes don’t use guns for this very reason. 


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