Besides Rickard Stark & Qarlton Chelsted, do you/we have any idea who else Aerys BBQ’d?

In terms of named characters: the Lace Serpent, possibly House Hollard (although most of the Darklyns seem to have been beheaded instead of burned), and probably Elbert Arryn, Kyle Royce, and Jeffory Mallister. 

But there’s a substantial number of un-named people who died the same way:

By 280 AC, Aerys II had taken to burning traitors, murderers, and plotters, rather than hanging or beheading them. The king seemed to take great pleasure in these fiery executions, which were presided over by Wisdom Rossart, the grand master of the Guild of Alchemists … so much so that he granted Rossart the title of Lord and gave him a seat upon the small council.



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