In book one Ned states Jamie will succeed to Warden of the West after Tywin as a reason to not have Jamie become Warden of the East. But isn’t Jamie precluded from inheriting anything bc of his kingsguard vows or does the wardenship somehow not count? Or is it as simple as just naming him W.o.t.West as he plans to do with the W.o.t.East thereby technically avoiding the issue of kingsguard inheritance? If this is the case are the Wardenships simply given to the major houses as a tradition? Thanks

Early Installment Weirdness; GRRM hadn’t keyed in yet on the whole idea that Kingsguard don’t inherit. 

I mean, technically Wardenships aren’t lands but royal offices, and if Kingsguard can be Hands, then there’s no reason they can’t be Wardens too. However, it’s clear from context that GRRM was thinking of Jaime as Tywin’s heir in Eddard II. 


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