Tag someone you consider family whether or not you’re related! 💖

This is the most important fictional show on TV. It was even before Greg’s uncle accused the Crystal Gems of being “illegal aliens hippies”. 

This past weekend I marched with 15,000 people from around the region to stand in solidarity with immigrants. Trump has threatened to deport millions of immigrants, on top of all of the people Obama has already deported. 


This is an emergency to people in our communities. I don’t ever want to leave my apartment and find my neighbors are missing. And as a queer Jewish person who’s family came here as refugees from anti-Semitic violence before AND AFTER the Holocaust, I know that if my neighbors go, I’m somewhere on the list. 

TV is our shared culture and mythology. And stories like the one shown on tonight’s Steven Universe episode offer a path for talking with our racist uncles, and for teaching younger generations that there are other ways of looking at each other. 

My neighborhood needs to be a family now. Your neighborhood does too. If you can, talk with your neighbors and show immigrants and/or Muslims and/or LGBTQ people in your community that you will stand with them.

  1. Showing Up for Racial Justice provides training for white people to talk with other white people to combat racism. Because it is NOT people of colors’ job to deal with this stuff, it is our job as white people to do that labor.
  1. EVERYONE can sign the pledge at Make the Road to stand with immigrants. It’s small. But it will get you on the email list so you can find out about actions like protests and 
  1. And if you are looking for a place to give to support grassroots people of color lead organizing in communities around the nation, here’s Center for Popular Democracy– donating will support their partners around the states. 

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