Listen to Venture Bros. Season 6 Episode 2 podcast

icymi: we covered last week’s episode of The Venture Bros digging in to all the amazing pop culture and historical references within that episode. 

I invented the phrase Arch For Arch’s Sake to describe The Monarch’s ethos. I got to explain the significance of the Duran Duran video Is There Something I Should Know – -which is a huge theme in the episode, introduce the history of the New Romantics music scene, tell you which Gary Numan and Roxy Music albums to listen to 

@racefortheironthrone and I developed a working theory on 80s movies jocks vs nerds dynamics as it pertains to the show. Dean Venture’s attempt to synthesize futurism and retrofuturism. 

We’re podcasting again tonight at 10pm about episode 3. You can listen live here at 10pm. You’ll be able to download it from iTunes in the morning and even sooner @graphicpolicy radio’s channel. 

Here’s the link for episode 2 again. It’s on itunes, soundcloud, stitcher and blog talk radio. 


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