(via Jonesing for Jessica Episode 1 AKA Ladies Night 11/22 by graphicpolicy | Television Podcasts)

We started a new podcast @graphicpolicy radio. We’re talking about every single episode of Jessica Jones. One podcast per episode of the show. Each time with new guests – interesting people like TV and comics critics, journalists, academics, comedians. Actually, looking for a PTSD expert to join us too. 

If you want the perspective of smart geeks discussing the show through a socially aware, feminist lens then download us.

We’re available on Stitcher as well as on our site above. And by morning you’ll be able to download us on iTunes and Soundcloud.  

Have any particular topics you want us to cover> 


FYI there is no Higgins or Birch street in NYC. But Soho House is a thing and you don’t want to bother with the scene there ;p


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